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Working with us

We have clients all around the world. It’s like travelling but without the jetlag. Our hours are flexible and we can accommodate most timezones and deadlines.

Project management

While every project is unique, we’ve developed a best practice, standard way of working to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget and meet (or hopefully even exceed) your expectations. This is our preferred process but we can flex and adapt it as needed to suit the project.


1. Exploration

Before we start, we’ll need to have a detailed conversation about your project, its requirements and any specific challenges or unique ideas you have. We’ll ask you plenty of questions to get to know you and your business and flesh out the deliverables, after which we’ll give you a detailed proposal with a provisional cost estimate.

2. Planning

When you’ve indicated that you are happy to proceed, we will work with you to flesh out a project plan and agree the final scope. For website design that usually entails a sitemap, and an outline of the functionality and UX. If the scope of the project shifts, so will our pricing, but we’ll always flag this for you.

3. Designing

We will provide an initial “flat” design concept, with illustrative layouts. At this point, you will need to provide all site content, including the copy, product descriptions, high-resolution logos and product imagery, and all product-related data, such as pricing and SKUs, alongside existing Corporate Identity or Brand Guidelines.

4. Building

Once we’ve agreed a look-and-feel, we will begin building a development website or app. It will always save time (and money) if we have received all signed-off content in one tranche in advance and if minimal changes are made by you once the structure and design has been approved. Of course, there will always be tweaks and we can course-correct if anything isn’t working.

5. Testing & go-live

We’ll proofread content, check links and navigation, and test all functionality, including online payments. We’ll ensure that everything looks good and works well across a variety of devices and browsers. We’ll also ask you or your team to check everything too, because a fresh pair of eyes is always welcome. And because typos. Then we’ll hit the big red ‘publish’ button.

6. Site health

After go-live, you can manage your site content yourself, with a user-friendly, built-in CMS. We’ll give you a brief tutorial, if you need it, and share some best practice tips. If you prefer, website hosting, security, software updates and critical maintenance can be managed by us. And of course we’re available to help with ad hoc technical or content changes.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

(Steve Jobs)


Satisfied Clients


Cups Of Coffee

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We’ll add value, if you value us

Since we established Hot Chilli Box in 2008 we’ve been lucky to work on interesting and varied projects with some AMAZING clients who appreciate what we do. Most of our work comes via word-of-mouth, and many clients are now firm friends.

As consultants we love that we have the flexibility and freedom to set our own hours and choose whom we work with. Our overheads are low, so our prices are very reasonable. But we do have bills to pay and we cannot work for free. We charge for access to our talent, our professional skills, our considerable experience and hard-earned expertise, our thoughts and ideas, our creativity.

Please respect our time – all of it – whether it’s for a meeting, a phonecall, a brainstorming or planning session, or the delivery of a finished product such as a website or brochure. In return, we will always try to deliver our very best work and add value for you.

Sounds like fun?

More than anything, we do this work because we enjoy it and take pride in delivering an end-product that our clients are happy with. If you share our passion for quality coffee, extra-hot chilli and great design, then we’ll probably end up being friends for life too.